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I love to hear about potential commissions & collaborations and will work closely with you to make some lettering you love.

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You want your wedding invitation envelopes to be a talking point for all the right reasons. 

Hand-lettered addresses are cool. Let's talk.

Bare walls suck. 

Lettering art will set your mansion apart from the Joneses' boring pile. Check it.

An ensō, (zen circle) is the inky essence of wabi sabi or 'beauty in imperfection'.  These make great gifts!  Order now.

Crayolas at the ready! 

Why should I have all the calligraphy fun? Come to one of the inkrdbl workshops in Cardiff & learn lettering. Book it

Who's me?

Lann Niziblian. Approximately 420,408 hours old. Irish-Armenian in Wales. Married to Lydia. 2 kids. Not evil. INFJ.

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