What do you do?

I work with inks, paints, pens, nibs, brushes and a range of papers to create artistic, stylised or elegant hand writing & lettering for logos, envelopes & wall art.

What's a nib?

Inserted in the end of a holder, a nib is a thin piece of metal shaped to a point or an edge, with capillary channels to hold ink. Historically, the metal nib emerged in the 19th century, after reed and quill pens and before the fountain pen. 

Sumi? Walnut? Iron gall?

I use many ink types and colours and can mix custom colours to suit the job. I also use gouache paint for particular commissions. All the inks I use are waterproof when the work demands it, which is most of the time.

Just use a font, yeah?

Stop! Calligraphy, meaning 'beautiful writing', from the Greek  kallos ‘beauty’ + graphein ‘write’, is a visual art related to writing; calligraphers 'draw' letters. None of my work is computer generated.

I love your work and want to hire you to make something. Now what?

Collaboration, coffee and chats are the way. I'll listen and get a feel for what you want. There'll be sketches (& coffee), more chats & a maximum 3 drafts & 2 revisions until you're delighted! Also coffee. 

I want hand lettered wedding 

envelopes and I want them NOW! What's next?

Chill! I book months in advance, so let's get a date in the diary ASAP. A 50% deposit secures the slot for your job. Orders up to 100 pieces take 2 to 3 weeks. 'Day of' materials, 10 days.

I've seen a font I like on Etsy. Can you copy it please?

Nope. Nein. Non. Votch. Nie. Nage. 

All the inkrdbl scripts offered are on the Style Gallery pages.

Envelopes: The Lowdown (Pt. I)

How do I deliver my envelopes to you? 

Mail, courier or drop off your blank stock to me. I need 20% over the number you've ordered: smudges or ink droplets never happen. Except when they do & then I need a replacement.  

Envelopes: The Lowdown (Pt. II)

How do I get my guest lists to you?

A Word (*.doc) file typed exactly as you want each envelope. I can't stress this enough: do not type "Mr & Mrs" if you want it written "Mr. and Mrs." Do not write "Ave" if you want "Avenue". If you want numbers as words, not numerals, type "twenty one", not "21". You get the picture. If you're unsure about anything please check with me first. Always get someone to proof read before you send the document.

What about Reception Seating & Escort cards?

This time, an Excel (*.xls) file is best. One name per line. Again, typed exactly as you want it written.

Custom designs - what can you do? 

Bespoke return address stamps?                  

Logo design & Branding? I got you.

Tattoo designs?          No problem.

Favourite poem?            Easy peasy.

Wedding vows, wall murals, quotes?                You know it.

Teach me the Way of The Brush... wait, is that even a thing?

Yes! ( Hitsuzendō in Japanese). But let's start with Contemporary Pointed Pen & work our way up to ...unification with the highest reality...

I host workshops most months at locations in Cardiff for calligraphy beginners.

Check inkrdbl social media for information or input your name and email via the sign-up form on this site.

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